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What Happened To Varney?

I would like to thank the 4th grade students of the Hudson Falls Summer Success Program for sharing their time and reflections of the story “The Garden Raid.”

I enjoyed your truthful insight, humor, and encouraging words. Your voices have expanded my imagination. I have added a suggestion of yours to the latest draft, “What Happen to Varney?”, so take a read. Thank you for the joyful time together this summer. You have all touched my heart. Enjoy!

“What Happened to Varney?”

That is a question so many readers have asked me since releasing “The Garden Raid”. So, in response to a number of readers’ curiosity about the character Old Man Varney, you, the reader, now has the chance to write about “What Happened to Varney” by leaving your own story below.

At Front Porch Storytelling, we believe the power in a story lies in when it is shared. This is your opportunity to step into the manuscript and share your imagination. Read, Surprise! Varney Returns Home below and start writing.

surprise-varney-returns-home – by John W. Nassivera

I’m looking forward to reading your story!


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