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“Chain Links, We’re Better Together” “The Garden Raid”


Front Porch Storytelling presents “Chain Links, We’re Better Together” John W. Nassivera’s newest middle-grades book.

Eleven-year-old Tom has been dreaming of taking first place in the bike contest on Sandy Hill Day for months. Winning the grand prize would be the answer to his problem. With the help of his friends and several unexpected allies, Tom’s bike is ready to go. But when Tom’s friends make a split-second decision that could nullify their qualifications for entering the contest, his dream begins to grow into a nightmare. His mother’s voice pops into his head, “It’s not what you have that makes you rich, but what you do that lifts you up.” Maybe winning the contest isn’t the answer to his problem?

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Front Porch Storytelling presents “The Garden Raid”
This encouraging tale is about a young boy who yearns to belong and learns the power of believing in oneself.

In “The Garden Raid,” John struggles to make friends in the fourth grade at Margaret Murphy Elementary School. One day, he gets the exciting chance to earn his way into his older brother Tom’s sixth-grade band of buddies. The price of friendship? He has to show his bravery by participating in a secret raid on Old Man Varney’s prized garden. The problem? The garden is guarded by Varney’s demonic dog.

The raid goes bust, but the challenge doesn’t end there. John will have to survive detention, dodge a barrage of potting scoops, tame a demon, and befriend a giant of a boy. Through all of this, he starts to question what it will take to become one of the guys.

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