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“Adorable story that children will love. Simply great.”  

– Ann Howard Creel, Award winning author of The Magic of Ordinary Days and writer for the American Girls series

“A message for kids well-disguised as a funny and action-packed story”

“The Garden Raid” by John W. Nassivera, is an engaging tale of a kid brother struggling to be cool enough to be accepted by his older brothers’ pals – and his own classmates. The author reaches back to his own youth and also his experiences in the field of education to paint a realistic picture of his main character, John, as the fourth grader struggles to find the right way to achieve his goals. After he finds his own path and listens to his inner voice, respect, acceptance and friendships follow. This book also touches on the importance of community, and the value of people reaching out to care about and help others, and shows how, in the process of helping, finding personal benefit, as well. “The Garden Raid” is an enjoyable and valuable read with a message that will resonate with the middle school reader.

-Persis R. Granger, author of Adirondack Gold & A Summer of Strangers

“Nostalgia and a sweet lesson”

Nice young reader book. Bought several copies to share with my grandchildren.


“Enjoyed Every Detail”

I recently finished reading “The Garden Raid”, and enjoyed every detail. It was such a wonderfully written story. I also went on Front Porch Storytelling’s website to read the prologue, “Pebble in the Shoe”, “What Happened to Varney?”, and “Chain Link”. I was also pleased to read about Mr. Nassivera’s interaction with the Fourth grade students of the Hudson Falls Summer Success Program, since I live in the area. I would imagine that the students were thrilled to meet the author of “The Garden Raid”, and offer suggestions about how the story might continue/end. This story reminds me of the various events of my childhood that are fun to remember. I believe that our childhoods helped us become the adults we are today, and give credit to our parents for the values they shared with us.

-Susan France


Adorable story that children will love. Simply great.


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